You might soon be able to co-author tweets with other Twitter accounts

Twitter has been actively developing and implementing new features lately. Some changes remain exclusive to Twitter Blue, while other ones are available for free and paid users alike. What once started as a basic platform for sharing information in under 140 characters has now evolved into a full-fledged service. Users can now engage in live audio chatrooms, exchange voice notes, and much more. The latest addition that could potentially make it to the app is all about collaboration. Have you ever wanted to post a tweet on your behalf and someone else’s simultaneously? The good news is that Twitter is developing a feature that allows users to co-author tweets with other accounts. The not-so-good news is that we don’t know when and if the addition will see the light of day.


Reliable reverse engineer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has shared his findings in a series of tweets. Twitter has seemingly been working on the co-authoring feature since at least December of last year. Considering this feature is still under development, it’s still unclear if the company will eventually release it widely.

As Alessandro’s screenshots display, the feature would allow two accounts to collaborate on a single tweet. There would be conditions for the co-authoring to work, though. For starters, you have to send an invitation to the co-author — who must follow you and have a public Twitter account. After they accept the invitation, the tweet would get posted on both of the accounts’ timelines for both sets of followers to see. Additionally, the tweet mentions both authors, rather than the original one only. The service already allows people to tag others in tweets and photos. However, tags don’t surface the tweets on the tagged person’s timeline.

Do you see yourself co-authoring tweets with other Twitter accounts if this feature gets released? Let us know in the comments section below.

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