Make the Community Stronger & Give Back: Become a Mod on XDA

Have you been a member of the forum for at least one year?

Do you have at least 500 posts?

Have you gotten a lot out of XDA over the years?

Do you wish that you could do something to give back to the community?

Maybe you’re a bit OCD and just need some cleaning to do?

Then perhaps applying to be an XDA Moderator is for you!

On XDA, we have a small army of volunteer Moderators who spend their free time cleaning up spam, acting on reported posts, keeping the site organized, and helping people in the community. Since XDA’s founding in 2002, it has been our Moderators that have made the site a hospitable place for phone development, customization, and the formation of new friends (daww!!) Our Mods do it out of love for the site, for the Community, and because they are obsessed with phones and technology.


As the number of devices on XDA grows, so does our need for Moderators. We’re putting out a call for anyone interested in being a Mod!

What does the “job” entail?

  • Acting on reported posts
  • Deleting spam
  • Moving threads to proper sections (to keep things tidy!)
  • Helping users
  • Resolving conflict

What’s in it for you, you may ask? Well, as mentioned, this is a volunteer position, but being a Moderator on XDA means being a part of the biggest, most influential phone development site on the internet. Also, Moderators get access to our Ad-free template, which loads much faster than what everyone else uses, and when we roll out new site features, Mods get to test them out first. Mods also participate and contribute towards policy and site changes.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now, and take a look at the requirements to make sure you qualify!

  Click to Apply!

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I'm the head administrator of XDA. Some might call me a phone addict, but I like to define myself as a phone enthusiast. I'm currently using the OnePlus 8 Pro, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Note 20 Ultra. I switch depending on circumstances. Feel free to PM me in the forums with any site-related or phone questions.