The number-one marketing tool for professional speakers is their demo video. To showcase one’s talents, their video better be great! That’s where Primeau Production comes in. From traditional demo reels for speakers to virtual speaker demo reels, from topic trailers (much like movie trailers) to short content offerings, Primeau Productions is a leader in creating content that sells. And, in the new world of virtual presentations, we are leaders in creating speaker content that’s Netflix quality, offering visual stimulation designed to meet audience demands and keep them coming back for more. If you are interested in a Speaker Video – we are your solution.


For musical artists, Primeau Productions captures live video recording for the production of music videos or Netflix or Amazon Prime type video concerts or documentaries.


It’s time to move beyond what has been done and create, from your imagination, what audiences are looking and paying for. Whether it’s animation, documentary style, cinematic or nouveau, Primeau Productions can bring imagination to life.


Let’s talk about how we can showcase your talents with video or live video event production!
Kelly Swanson | Who Hijacked My Fairytale | Preview Video
Steve Gilliland – Hall of Fame Speaker – Virtual Demo Video
Meridith Elliott Powell Brand Demo Video
Robert Richman Virtual Demo Reel – formally with Zappos
Speaker Artist – RKS
Randy Otto – Demo Video
Steve Gilliland – Motivation Bites
Kelly Swanson – Prides Hollow
Steve GIlliland

As a professional speaker, video is essential for marketing and has a high impact on meeting planners’ decision-making. For that reason, Primeau Productions is my “go-to” video production company. They have no equal when it comes to state-of-the-art technology and creativity. They have been an invaluable asset in building and maintaining my speaking career.