Give your book a voice – actually, bring your book to life!  At Primeau Productions, not only do we help you bring books and journals to life through audiobook production, podcast production, article narration and other services, we take it a step further.  A pioneer in the creation of Vidbooks (short for video book), we work in tandem with the author to add life to your book through innovative video production.


You might ask, what is a Vidbook or video book?  Imagine the power of taking your written work, adding your voice (audiobook) and then bringing both to life in video.  A Vidbook is a powerful tool that can be used for so many applications – an online course, a separate offering for those who want more than just the written word, multiple hours of produced video that can create amazing marketing for your book and your services.  In fact, the applications are as varied as your creative mind will allow.


Whether you need an audiobook for or a Vidbook for, perhaps, Amazon Prime or Netflix, Primeau Productions offers state-of-the-art production to meet your most demanding needs.


Let’s talk about how we can bring your book to life!
Stephen Shapiro | Invisible Solutions – Baggage Claim Story
Cathy Fyock Video Book
Krister Ungerbock Video Book
Jason Hewlett – Video Book – The Promise to the One – Chapter One
Bill Cates | Radical Relevance Book Trailer
Mary Kelly – Meridith Elliott Powell – Who Comes Next – Introduction
Cathy Fyock, CSP
The Business Book Strategist

Chuck Gallagher is such a pro! He and his team at Primeau Productions make time in the studio not only productive but fun! Primeau doesn’t just simply shoot the footage you want; they actively work as co-creators to help you develop the visual branding you need to grow your business. I love his strategic view and their vision for what can be. I highly recommend Chuck and his team!