And just when many in the meetings industry felt that we’d fully recovered from the “great recession,” a new decade begins that changes everything! Virtual meetings can be boring, and many unfamiliar with how to do them well find themselves in a state of frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way. Virtual – done well – can be as riveting as a television show that you want to binge-watch. The question most meeting planners and event coordinators ask is – how?


Virtual Events, done right, can become amazing audience building tools that can tremendously grow your audience and customer base. Primeau Productions produces online virtual events that produce high impact results that can be used with frequency to drive organizational education and growth.


While most would say they love live meetings, the truth is virtual can provide the added benefit of accommodating your attendees who can’t attend your in-person events. Virtual events can be created for just about any type of event and Run of Show, including Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Summits, and Fundraiser events connecting with your target audiences. Meeting planners now have the option of planning for Virtual or Hybrid events based on our production competencies and therefore can reach global audiences efficiently.


Having produced events for the Center for Disease Control, NASA,, NC Airport Association, CA State University system, and more, we’d love to discuss your event and outline possibilities for bringing your virtual/hybrid event to life – making it a meeting they won’t forget!

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Kelly Swanson

When my one-woman show was set for its stage debut I considered how I’d capture the moment. Chuck and his team at Primeau set a vision for the recording of the show that I hadn’t considered. Am I glad they did! The outcome was beyond my wildest dreams. They say they “bring imagination to life,” and that is true. From virtual conferences to my show, from keynotes to a full production series, the team at Primeau Productions has been by my side turning my creations into first-class Netflix-type productions. You couldn’t ask for a better production partner.